I thought that the Water Pigs had come raiding again. [...] They took my precious Round Cog and hid it somewhere. Now I can't open the water gate.

—The man by the water gate mechanism

Open the Water Gate (水門を開けろ!, Suimon o Ageru!, lit. Raise the Sluice Gate!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Retrieve the Round Cog in order to open the water gate leading to the Water Tank Room.


Note that the event can also be activated by collecting the Round Cog before talk to the man.

Talk to the man right next to the passage to the Water Tank Room, where the mermaid can be found, to activate the event.

The Round Cog can be found lying on the platform right after the two spike traps if coming from the Circus Village. Collect it and head back to the man.

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