129 Peach Flower Gas (小さなブタ…マゴブタ?, Chiisa na Buta…Magobuta?, lit. Small Pig…Baby Pig?) is an event in Tomba!. This is the second last event in the list of secondary events, but it can be activated relatively early in the game.


Shrink a Koma Pig with some gas from the Peach Flower.


In Village of All Beginnings, a pink peach is hanging above a Koma Pig. Jump on it to squeeze some gas out of it when the Koma Pig is right below, which causes the it to shrink. Jump on it to acquire a Baby Pig and activate the event. Later in the game when you gain access to Baccus Village, you will be able to clear the event.

When you have reached Baccus Village, talk to the mouse in the north-west corner of the village after you have cleared the Can't Stop Crying event. Give him the Baby Pig and you will clear the event.


  • A Baby Koma Pig appears.