The Petit-Faced Flowers are the main enemies found in the foreground of Mushroom Forest. Tomba will take damage upon any contact with the enemy. It can be defeated by either leaping on it while its petals are unfolded or by attacking it with any charged weapon.

In the Red + Blue = ? event, Tomba must use Blue Powder on a Petit-Faced Flower before throwing it into another flower in order to clear the event.


Their behavior is affected by the larger flowers in the background, which in turn, is affected depending on which type of mushroom Tomba picks up. Either way, the Petit-Faced Flowers are always hostile.

If Tomba approaches a Petit-Faced Flower that is neither laughing or crying, it will slowly jump towards him until he is out of reach. However, if he approaches a Petit-Faced Flower that is crying or laughing maniacally, it will dash towards Tomba and make them more difficult to dodge.


  • The Petit-Faced Flower's laugh was reused and edited as Caliborn's and Flowey's laugh in Homestuck and Undertale, respectively.

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