83 Plant a Flower Garden (花をさかせよう!, Hana o Sakaseyou!, lit. Nurture the Flower!) is an event in Tomba!.


Help the dwarf child plant a flower in the soil below the Dwarf Elder's hut.


This event is activated when the previous event is cleared.

In order to make the flower grow, you will need to clear 6 any other events after planting the seed. This makes event impossible to complete if you plant a seed after clearing most of events.

Theres another way to complete it, even if you have cleared most of events. Here is the tip:

Go to the top of Watch Tower and go from left to right and right to left always killing the spiders, they will always respawn, so keep killing them. Do it about 10 or more minutes in order to get a lot of AP. Then when you go to the kid in the Dwarf Elder area, the golden flower will be there.