Well, we can finally get under the pipes. Now, from which pipe did I drop my ring?

—Miner in the Coal-Mining Town

Precious Ring (大切な指輪, Taisetsu na Yubiwa) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This is the last secondary event, excluding the four additional events that can be unlocked.


Find the lost ring and retrieve it to the miner in the Coal-Mining Town.


Note: Don't attempt to jump down into the abyss before the Evil Flame Pig has been defeated.

This event can be activated if the Evil Flame Pig has been defeated. Talk to the man next to the stairs leading up to the Cafeteria, and he'll talk about ring he lost in Pipe Area.

In Pipe Area, you must literary drop down in the dark depth on a specific spot. If you miss it, it will be game over. The correct area to drop down at, is right below where the pipe curves up below the platform leading to the Coal-Mining Town.

Now Tomba should appear inside a room where a Small Mud Clump can be found. Grab it and use the hammer on the switch to make the spring-board launch Tomba back up. Head straight to the Underground Machine Room and wash the Small Mud Clump to get the Miner's Ring. Go back to the man from earlier and talk to him in order to give him his ring and clear the event.