Ranch Summit (頂上の牧場, Choujou no Bokujou, lit. Summit Pasture) is a location in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This is one of the locations in the series with the most events.

Due to the curse, the climate is so cold that Tomba turns into ice if he doesn't wear the Flying Squirrel Suit.



The area is filled with oil-spitting enemies called Toradako.

Before the curse has lifted

The area is covered with snow and ice blocks.

After the curse has lifted

The snow has melted and spring has come to the area. All of the ice blocks are gone, but the stone blocks remain. The Escaped Kujara event is unlocked and nobody wears winter clothes anymore.





  • Tomba and Zippo talking to Kainen in the Fatigue-Curing Spa event.
  • Tomba in the A Rare Collection event.
  • Tomba and Zippo talking to a man in the Raise the Ladder! event.
  • Tomba gazing at Pham's machine in the Static Explosion! event.
  • Tomba inside the Kujara Washing Shed.
  • Tomba and Zippo talking to the scuptor in The Ultimate Sculpture event.

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