69 Ready, Set, Go! (ヨーイ・ドン!, Yoi - Don!) is an event in Tomba!. This is the only event in the whole series where Tomba has to compete against another character in a race.


Race the thief to the top of the Watch Tower.


Note: The Great Escape and Look and See?! events must have been cleared before this event can be activated.

After finishing The Great Escape and Look and See?! events, visit the thief in the Underground Prison. Once there, you will find the thief is outside the prison cell. After a poor attempt to convince Tomba that the dwarves released him, he will take off.

Go out of the village and the thief will be standing next to the entrance to the Watch Tower. He will challenge Tomba to race up to the tower at top of the Watch Tower, where a treasure can be found.

Using Animal Dash and equipping the Funky Parasol together with the Jewel of Wind is recommended to cover ground quickly. Unless you are frequently getting hit by enemies or miscalculating jumps, it shouldn't be too hard to reach the tower before the thief does. Alternatively, using the Grapple or Grapplejack to jump onto platforms from underneath makes the race very easy.

Climb up the ladder as soon as you reach the tower and the thief will follow shortly. As a reward, he will give Tomba some Silver Powder for winning the race. The event is now cleared.