Remove all the Cappers! (全キャッパーをはずせ!, Zen Kyappā o Hazuse!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. Tomba must defeat the pipe-blocking creatures called Cappers in order to gain futher access to Coal-Mining Town.


Remove all of the Cappers from the pipes in Pipe Area in order to start the machinery in Coal-Mining Town.

It is not necessary to complete this event to enter Coal-Mining Town, Tomba can still visit the town, but it is not possible to continue through the main story, as the doors won't open.


There are eight Cappers in Pipe Area, and they are really easy to find, since the area isn't that big. Use the Ice Boomerang to freeze the Cappers, leap on them and throw them away in order to unblock the air-steaming pipes.

The event will be cleared as soon as the last Capper has been removed.


  • Gran thanking Tomba next to the entrance to Coal-Mining Town.

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