Sea Anemone's Burning Dregs (イソギンの燃えカス, Isogin no Moe Kasu, lit. Sea Anemone's Burnt Remains) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Defeat and collect the remains of a Sea Anemone.


The basic idea is to toss another enemy Sea Anemone's mouth. The first encountered Sea Anemone is located to the right of the same room where the thirsty man in the I'm Thirsty! event is located. The second is just beside the place where the Ice Boomerang can be obtained.

Use the Ice Boomerang to freeze a Capper and throw it at the Sea Anemone, which will then swallow the enemy and shield itself with fire. Use the Ice Boomerang to put out the fire and collect the Hot Dregs, which are lying at the spot where the Sea Anemone was before.