Seaweed for Your Health (海草でみんな元気, Kaisou de Minna Genki, lit. Everyone's Healthy with Seaweed) is an event in Tomba!.


Find seaweed for the healer in the Dwarf Village.


This event is activated when the Healing Herbs for Baron and Delicious Knowledge Fruit events are cleared. Now the healer wants seaweed to continue treating Baron.

Go to the fisherman with his boat which can be found by going through the Mushroom Forest. Take a ride in his to the beach beneath the Mansion and the seaweed can be found lying next to the door up to the mansion. Collect it and return to the healer in the Dwarf Village to clear the event.

Note: If the seaweed cannot be used when standing next to the healer after obtaining it, try to talk to her and then use the seaweed again.

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