I was planning to use this raft to ship my cargo. But, well, just look at this! The white platform is in the way, and I can't move forward.

—The man with the raft

Sink the White Platform! (白い足場を沈めよう!, Shiroi Ashiba o Shimeyou!, lit. Sink the White Foothold!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. In this event, Tomba will obtain the key to the white treasure chests.


Make the white platforms sink so the man can ride his raft down the water channel.


Talk to the man who is standing on top of a red treasure chest to activate the event. He wants to ride his raft, but the platforms are blocking his path. He mentions that there is a mechanism for sinking the platform that can be found nearby where he is now.

In order to clear the event, Tomba must activate the mechanism with one of his weapons. The mechanism is found directly over the man. Attack the left side of the mechanism to activate it.

The man will now be able to ride his raft. Since the treasure chest is too heavy, he will give it to Tomba as a reward. The event is cleared.