Special doors appear widely in the Tomba! series. Each door have some kind of requirement to let Tomba pass through; some door require a certain item or a status ailment in order to open.

The different types of doors

Laughing doors

These doors appear in both games and also have event connected to them, one for each game; Smile! and The Laughing Door. In order to open these doors, Tomba must change his status ailment to laughing.

Crying doors

These doors also appear in both games and have one event connected to them in both game; Cry Baby and The Crying Door. Tomba must change his status ailment to crying in order to open the door.

Door with a keyhole

Two doors with either a big or a large keyhole can be found in the Haunted Mansion of the first game. Both doors can be found at the north side of the mansion. The A Small Key Hole! and A Large Key Hole! events are connected to these doors.

Sitting Tomba

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