But in order for there to be an explosion, there has to be lots of static.


Static Explosion! (静電気で大バクハツ!, Seidenki de Daibakuhatsu!, lit. Big Explosion with Static Electricity!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Blast the rock away from the entrance to the Donglin Forest.


Go to the Summit Shed to trigger a cutscene with the owner of the ranch, Pham. After the cutscene has played, the event is activated. Now you need to find the three missing Kujaras somewhere in Ranch Summit.

  • One is found inside an ice block near the beginning of the Kujara Summit.
  • One is found inside an ice block at the path between the Lift Stop and Kujara Washing Shed.
  • The last one is found among other ice blocks in the area where is accessible after the Raise the Ladder! event has been cleared.

After the three Kujaras has been found, return them to Pham and another cutscene will play, where the static electricity created by the Kujaras is used to blast away the rock that is blocking the lift down to Donglin Forest. The event is cleared.


  • The first Kujara frozen in a ice block.
  • Tomba gazing at the machine.
  • Tomba and Zippo talking to Pham.