Stop the Fight! (ケンカをとめて, Kenka o Tomete) is an event in Tomba!.


Break up the fight in the Dwarf Village and find out where the Dwarf Elder went.


Note: The previous event must have been cleared before this event can be activated.

When you get out of the Underground Prison in Dwarf Village, you will notice a woman blocking the way. Talk to her to activate the event. She will tell Tomba that two dwarves has started to at the entrance to the village and the Dwarf Elder is missing.

Go to the entrance of the village to find the two dwarves. Walk up and talk to them. They will mention something that is broken and continuing fighting. Now you need to go back to the Underground Prison and pick up the item "Broken Vase" and head back to the two dwarves.

The two dwarves will stop fighting and the Dwarf Elder will appear in front of them, confused about the fact that there is a tunnel beneath the village. The event is cleared.

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