Strange Fruit (不思議な実, Fushigi na Mi, lit. Mysterious Fruit) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Obtain a strange fruit that can switch between the laughing and the frowning status ailments.


Note: The event More Blue for the Picture! must have been cleared before this event can be cleared, because the Blue Treasure Chest key is required.

In order to activate the event, Tomba must enter a crying state by eating a frowning mushroom in the Laughing Crying Forest. Then go through the first blue frowning door in the Laughing Crying Forest and talk to the man to the right in the room. He will describe a strange fruit that allows the user to enter a state of laughing and crying. The event is now activated.

Still in the crying state, go to the Ranch Summit and climb the ladder that was raised in the Raise the Ladder! event and glide to the area with the ice blocks. Walk to the left to encounter a blue frowning door. Go through it and open the blue treasure chest to obtain the Strange Fruit.

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