Take Out (息子よ、どこに…, Musuko yo, doko ni…, lit. Oh My Son, Where Are You…) is an event in the first game.


Deliver the lunch box Tomba got from Yan's father to Yan.


Go inside the hut in the southwest side of the Hidden Village and talk to the man to activate the event. He will introduce himself as Yan's father and ask Tomba to deliver a lunch box to Yan.

Deliver the lunch box to Yan in one of places where he hides, if you already have completed the Hide and Go Seek event, Yan will be on the upper right corner of the Hidden Village.

When delivered Yan will say that he is not hungry and will leave the lunch box to Tomba along with giving him two pieces of Cheese. If Tomba eats the lunch box he got from Yan's father, Yan will not give him cheese.

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