Take the Grapple! (グルピンを手に入れろ!, Guru Pin o Teniirero!, lit. Take the Guru Pin!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This event introduces a weapon found in the first game.


Obtain the Grapple hidden in the Laughing Crying Forest.


The event is activated when Tomba speaks to the Donglin in the hut connecting the Laughing Crying Forest to the Deep Forest or strikes one of the three wooden poles connected to a boulder in the Laughing Crying Forest with the Hammer or Fire Hammer. Every time a pole is struck, the boulder is blasted.

In order to clear the event, all three poles must be struck to destroy the boulder and reveal a blue treasure chest hidden. Once the treasure chest is opened and the Grapple inside is collected, the event is cleared.

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