I'd like to say welcome, but as you can see, I can't really talk like this.

—1,000 Year Old Man

17-e The 1,000 Year Old Man? (100 年老人の仲間, Hyakunen Roujin no Nakama, lit. 100 Year Old Man's Companion) is an event from Tomba!. This event introduces the second youngest individual of the Old Men of Time.


Find the 1,000 Year Old Man who is hidden in the Haunted Mansion.


Note: The Where's the Baby Mouse? event must be cleared before this event can be cleared.

This event activates when Tomba reads the bulletin board in the Town Hall of Baccus Village after he has talked to the mouse on the right side of the Save point.

In order to clear the event, you have to gain access to the Haunted Mansion and find the large wooden door where the 1,000 Year Old Man can be found. Enter it and talk to the him on the other side of the flame barrier to clear the event.

In other languages

Language In-game name Meaning/Notes
Japanese 100 年老人の (Hyakunen Roujin no Nakama) "100 Year Old Man's Companion"