For the location, see Forest of 100 Flowers.

La, la, la... The sky is blue... and so beautiful... la, la, laa... Blue, blue, baaaaluuuuue...

—Blue Evil Pig

54 The 100 Flower Forest (花の森, Hana no Mori, lit. Forest of Flowers) is an event in Tomba!.


Defeat the Forest Evil Pig to free the Forest of 100 Flowers from its curse.


After meeting the Dwarf Elder, he will hand you the Blue Evil Pig Bag.

The gate to the Forest Evil Pig's Evil Pig Area is in the Underground Maze, inside the Million Year Old Man's Room.

The Forest Evil Pig will throw spores at Tomba. Although these spores are harmless, they do knock him back and stun him. Rolling across the level periodically are two cacti attached to a spore wheel, which are the cause of damage in this level.

As with all Evil Pigs, throw the Forest Evil Pig into the Evil Pig Bag in the center of the level to complete the event and return the Forest of 100 Flowers to normality.


  • Blue Evil Pig attacking
  • Captured the Evil Pig
  • The forest restored