If you can find all of the Beads and bring them back to me, I'll tell you everything you need to know.

—The 10,000 Year Old Man

47 The 10 Math Beads (万年老人の数字玉, Mannen Roujin no Suujidama, lit. Ten Thousand Year Old Man's Number Balls) is an event in Tomba!.


Find the ten Math Beads in Trick Village.


The event will activate after Tomba meets the 10,000 Year Old Man. The event What's Underwater? must be completed in order to start this event.

The beads can be found underwater in the following areas:

  • Math Bead 1 - swim all the way to the lowest point of the area from the left. Keep swimming right to find the first bead.
  • Math Bead 2 - swim down the chute to the left of the 10,000 Year Old Man's hut, and keep swimming left just underneath the treasure chest
  • Math Bead 3 - from the fourth math bead, keep swimming right and it's in the bottom right corner of the area, next to the entrance to Masakari Jungle
  • Math Bead 4 - from the tenth math bead, swim all the way right and push down, go right, push the next platform down, and keep going down until you see the math bead in the upper right area
  • Math Bead 5 - from math bead three, swim upwards as far as you can go and the math bead is on the right
  • Math Bead 6 - from math bead five, swim back down and move the platform around to reach the math bead underneath
  • Math Bead 7 - from the first math bead, swim right, moving the platforms around to reach it
  • Math Bead 8 - from the second math bead, swim right, moving the platform around, and swim a little further down
  • Math Bead 9 - from the tenth math bead, swim right and move any platforms out of the way, and the math bead can be seen on a platform above
  • Math Bead 10 - from the eighth math bead, swim right, down and all the way left