I've heard that a fortune teller is in this underground maze, too. I've never met him, but I'm sure you need some ridiculous amount of AP points...


118 The Blue Fortune Teller (青の占い師, Ao no Uranaishi) is an event in Tomba!. In the event called The Red Fortune Teller, Tomba learns about where some of the gates leading to the Evil Pigs can be found.


Learn about where the rest of the Evil Pig Gates can be found.


Talk to the digger found in the north-east side of the area to activate the event. Now head south and turn right to find a door next to a small hut. Approach the door and use the Thief's Wire to open it. Follow the path, enter the bigger hut and talk to the man in blue to clear the event. The fortune teller will tell Tomba the rest of the locations if he has enough Adventure Points.

...Blue is the beachside door...
orange is the deep jungle...
yellow is the guard of time...
and the remaining blue is here... somewhere in this underground maze.

—The fortune teller

"Blue" is referring to the gate of the Deep Jungle Evil Pig, found inside the basement of the Mansion, "orange" is referring to the gate of the Earth Evil Pig found near the tallest tree in the Masakari Jungle, "yellow" is the gate of the Water Evil Pig, found inside the Clock Tower and "the remaining blue" is the gate of the Forest Evil Pig, found in the hut of the Million Year Old Man.