The Broken-Up Mermaid Harp! (バラバラの人魚のハープ!, Barabara no Ningyo no Hāpu!, lit. Scattered Mermaid Harp!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Find all the pieces of the broken harp and reassemble it.


This event can be activated directly after the A Mermaid in a Water Tank! event is cleared. Talk to her and she will tell Tomba and Zippo that the Evil Pigs destroyed her harp and asks the two to find the pieces for her.

There is a total of four piece to be found in the Water Temple.

  • High Pitch Pearl: To obtain requires to go down on right small waterfall, located close to Giant Fish.
  • Low Pitch Pearl: Inside a white treasure chest next to the crying door, close to Sink the White Platform! event.
  • Harp's Left Side: Found inside the Water Tank Room after having spoken to the Mermaid where the Giant Fish is sleeping. Enter the passage you made in the Open the Water Gate event and swim to the left part of the room.
  • Harp's Right Side: Inside a blue treasure chest next to the entrance to the Mini Temple next to the waterfall next to the Minitta Machine.