Aagh! Put some clothes on, for goodness sake?!

—The Evil Jungle Pig

42 The Deep Jungle Pig (ジャングル, Janguru, lit. Jungle) is an event in Tomba!.


Defeat the Evil Pig who has cursed the Masakari Jungle.


The event is activated once the Navy Pig Bag is obtained from the treasure chest in the right part of Old Tree Hill in the Masakari Jungle.

The Evil Pig Gate for this Evil Pig can be found behind the left door to the Mansion.

The Jungle Evil Pig will throw two seeds at Tomba. Regardless of where they eventually land, they will break open and emit a toxic cloud.

Once Tomba has thrown the Evil Pig into the rotating Pig Bag in the center of the stage, the event will be complete, and Masakari Jungle will be restored.


  • The deadly gas
  • Tomba throws the Jungle Pig
  • The jungle restored