The Strange Small Room (あやしい小部屋, Ayashii Shou Heya) is a location in Tomba!. This is the final location of the game before encountering the Real Evil Pig. This room can be found by going through the west passageway in the Underground Maze.



The area is a small room with seven pedestals lined up in front of a large stone wall, resembling the face of a pig with red gems as eyes. Whenever an Evil Pig is defeated, a statue of that pig appears on one of the pedestals, pressing it down. The seven pedestals must be pressed down in order for a door to appear. This door allows Tomba to face the last Evil Pig of the game, the Real Evil Pig.


When Tomba has talked to the Million Year Old Man, he can be found here waiting for Tomba to defeat the remaining Evil Pigs. When the seventh Evil Pig has been defeated, the door to the Real Evil Pig appears before Tomba. Unfortunately, the Real Evil Pig removes the petrified Evil Pigs from the pedestals and the door closes. The Million Year Old Man asks Tomba to go and get seven friends to stand on the pedestals to open the door.

When Tomba has found six friends and returns to the room, Baron jumps up to the final pedestal and the door opens, allowing Tomba to fight the eighth and final Evil Pig.



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