Ohhhhh! This ice block!!! It's great! The luster and clarity. Everything's first class! And... that color! I've heard rumors! This is the famous Eternal Ice Block!!!

—The sculptor in Kujara Summit

The Ultimate Sculpture (究極の彫刻, Kyuukyoku no Shoukoku) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This event is needed to clear the Holy Pedestal event found and activated in the Water Temple.


The objective is to let the sculptor in Ranch Summit sculpt a statue from a special ice block for Tomba.


In Ranch Summit, push the purple-blue colored unbreakable ice block so it slides down the hill into the hut. Follow the ice block into the hut and push it to the sculptor inside. Talk to him to activate the event.

He will now start sculpting the ice block and won't be finished until the Holy Pedestal event is activated, so you cannot do anything at the moment but to keep progressing in the game until you reach the second section of the Water Temple, where the Holy Pedestal event can be activated.

Once you have activated that event, head back to the Sculptor's Hut and the sculpture is finished. Talk to him again to obtain the Ice Statue and clear the event.


  • Tomba pushing the Eternal Ice Block.
  • The Eternal Ice Block sliding down into the Sculptor's Hut.