It's broken! And we've still got some Kujara left to wash. If we only had a Large Fuse.

—The owner of the Washing Shed

The Washing Machine Fuse (洗濯機のヒューズ, Sentakuki no Hyūzu) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This event is necessary to clear in order to continue washing the Kujaras and then obtaining the Golden Moon.


Bring the fuse to the owner of the Kujara Washing Machine.


This event is activated when the previous event is cleared. Tomba needs to find a fuse for the Kujara Washing Machine, which can be found in the Tool Shed.

Head outside and follow the path until you see a ladder. Climb it and then make your way up to the next floor and head left until you see a red door. Enter it and collect the fuse by leaping on and destroying the box. Go back to the Washing Shed and talk to the owner to clear the event.