Tiny Mouse's Berry Nuts (アリネズミのベリーナッツ, Arinezumi no Berīnattsu) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. Tomba must be in the mini form in order to activate and clear this event.


Collect 100 Berry Nuts or more under one minute.


When you are in the mini form, you can enter the Tiny Mouse's House in the Town of the Fishermen, which leads to the Mouse Village. Inside, talk to the mouse in the north-west corner to activate the event. Talk to him a second time to start the mini game.

It is recommended to aim for the Berry Nuts placed in straight lines, as they are easier to collect than the nuts in circles. The ones placed like filled squares are the fastest way to collect Berry Nuts, so try to find one of the bigger nuts, a Special Nut, to get a speed boost before going inside the squares.

Once you have reached 100 Berry Nuts, the timer will still go, allowing the player to achieve a high record. The highest number of collected Berry Nuts is saved on a scoreboard next to the entrance of the mini game room.