Tomba! is a series of side-scrolling adventure games, developed by the Japanese game developer Whoopee Camp and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation video game console.

The series follows the titular character, Tomba, a feral child exploring his world while in pursuit of the gold-hoarding Evil Pigs.


Tomba! After Tomba wakes up after being knocked out he sees that his golden braclet has been stolen by the Koma Pigs. Tomba runs towards Village of all beginnnings where he finds the '100 year old man' who tells the story about the *

The 100 year old man telling the story of the Evil Pigs

Evil Pigs and there obsession for gold. After hearing this Tomba sets out to find and capture all the evil pigs and cleanse the world of their evil.
  • Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return After Tomba gets a letter that his friend Tabby has dissapeared. Tomba and Zippo set out to find her. Once they arrive in Coal-Mining town they discorver that Tabby was kidnapped by the Evil Pigs when she refused to give up the bracelet she got from Tomba. Once again Tomba needs to capture 6 Evil Pigs.   



The series is a platformer with some RPG elements.




There are two games in the Tomba! series: