Tower of Courage is a location in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return, that is unlocked after the Mythical Tower of Courage event is cleared. The Glacier Boomerang can be obtained in here.

Obtaining the Glacier Boomerang

Note: The Mystery Mushroom (obtained after the Strange Fruit event) and the Minitta Mushroom (obtained after the Tiny Mouse's Berry Nuts) are required to reach the top of the tower.

The tower consist of six floors. At each floor, there is a number of doors, which can be entered. If Tomba picks the right one, he will go up one floor; if he pick the wrong door, he will be sent back to the first floor. This is the pattern:

  • First Floor: The Crying door
  • Second Floor: The Laughing door to the left
  • Third Floor: The Crying door
  • Fourth Floor: The Mini door
  • Fifth Floor: The Laughing Door

Once Tomba reaches the sixth and final floor, a green treasure chest can be found there. Open it to obtain the Glacier Boomerang.

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