75 Treasures from the Mansion? (やしきの宝物?, Yashiki no Houseki?, lit. Jewels of the Mansion?) is an event in Tomba!.


Find the treasures of the mansion.


Note: The Stop the Fight! event must be cleared before this event can be activated.

Activate the event by going to the Underground Prison, where the thief will tell Tomba about treasures inside the mansion in the Village of All Beginnings.

Leave and head to the Mushroom Forest. Once there, go all the way to the left until Tomba reach a beach, where the man from the I Can't Swim... event can be found. He offers Tomba a ride to the beach beneath the mansion.

When they have arrived, jump out of the boat and walk into the opening to enter the mansion. Walk up the staircase and open one of the treasure chests in the next room to clear the event.

This event cannot be completed if all four chests have already been acquired by the time it's activated.