Trolley Ticket (トロッコの免許, Torokko no Menkyo, lit. Mine Cart License) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This event must be cleared in order to unlock the trolley events.


Receive and show the Trolley Ticket to the man at the Trolley Stop.


Go to the Trolley Stop and talk to the man at the right side of the room. He will mention a trolley rider that can be found in the Tool Shed of Coal-Mining Town. This part is unnecessary, because you can directly go to the trolley rider in Coal-Mining Town in order to activate the event.

When you are in Coal-Mining Town, go to the Tool Shed and talk to the man with bandage around his left hand in order to get a ticket to ride the trolley in the Trolley Stop.

With the Trolley Ticket in hand, go back to the Trolley Stop and talk to the man there to clear the event.


  • Map showing the name of the buildings in Coal-Mining Town.