Oh blessed Bonze... you produced water so well before. Yet you have stopped. This flower was blooming so well, too. Is there a connection?

—Resident of the Circus Village

Unmoving Blessed Priest (動かない めぐみ小僧, Ugokanai Megumi Kozou) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. When this event is cleared, you can get hints where the Evil Pigs are located by collecting Seeds of Strength in the trolley mini game at the Trolley Stop.


Water all the Magic Flowers in the game to restore the fountain of Circus Village.


Activate the event by talking to the person standing next to the fountain of the Circus Village.

All the Magic Flowers needs to bloom in order to free the priest. In order to water a Magic Flower, Tomba needs to have a bucket of water, then open up the inventory and use the water-filled bucket. Buckets are obtained in the Pour the Water In!, Quick! The Trolley! and Secret of the Aquatic Plant events. The locations of the flowers are listed in the section below.

When all the Magic Flowers are watered, head to the fountain in the Circus Village only to find the stone statue in the fountain is alive. Talk to the statue to activate the fountain and clear the event.

Note: It doesn't matter if you are using hot, cold or holy water on the flowers.