Use Pig Suit to Talk! (話すにはブタの服!, Hanasu ni wa Buta no Fuku!, lit. Speak with the Pig Clothes!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Find and equip a Pig Suit to talk to the cursed villagers of Circus Village.


Talk to the woman near the entrance of Circus Village or talk to one of the cursed villagers to activate the event. Go up one floor and clear the next event.

Next, head over the bridge and collect the Closet Key before going to the Circus Warehouse found in the westernmost part of the town at the first floor.

Inside, go to the closet and use the key you obtained earlier to open it. Zippo will then find a Pig Suit for Tomba. Equip it and talk to any cursed villager to clear the event.