I thought if I read the Evil Pig Book, I could do something.
But one of the Rock Crabs that's used for the contraption seems to have gotten away.

—Donglin in the Treasure Room

Use Rock Crabs for Balance! (イワガメでバランスとろう!, Iwagame de Baransu Torou!, lit. Catch the Rock Turtle Balance!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Obtain the Rock Crab and bring it to the Treasure House in the Deep Forest.


It's possible to trigger the event in two ways:

  • Enter the Treasure House and talk to the Donglin inside after the cutscene is finished.
  • Go to the far left area of the Deep Forest and obtain the Rock Crab by first striking it with a weapon and then leaping onto it.

Once the Rock Crab has been obtained, talk to the same Donglin in the Treasure House and after the dialogue the event will end.


  • Instead of playing the intense music from the initial cutscene, the music will revert back to the mysterious Deep Forest theme once the cutscene is finished even though the ghosts are still around.