That's a place we just can't reach. We can't use the seesaw? Surely we could put something on it.


Use the Seesaw! (シーソーでぶつけろ!, Shīsō de Butsukero!, lit. Hit with the Seesaw!) is an event is Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Get back the Triangle Cog from the bird so the man can extend the bridge in Circus Village.


Speak to the person who is standing in the doorway next to the bridge on the second floor of the town. A cutscene will play, where a bird named Joker Om has stolen the Triangle Cog from the bridge mechanism. The person will try to hit Joker Om with a frying pan, only to hit the seesaw instead and send the bird out of reach. The event is now activated.

Climb down the ladder to the first floor and head to the west part of the town, where a colorful ball can be found. Approach it and press the Circle button to grab it. Lead the ball to the seesaw near the ladder from earlier and use the hammer on the other side of the seesaw to launch it to the second floor.

Climb up and lead the ball to the seesaw below the bird and hit it with the hammer to make the bird drop the Triangle Cog. Obtain the cog to clear the event.

Note: In order to progress in the game; go into the Control Shed and talk to the person who was chasing Joker Om in order to give the cog to him. He will now extend the bridge for Tomba.