Village of Civilization (文明の国, Bunmei no Kuni, lit. Country of Civilization) is the area covering the Y-crossing, Clock Tower, Iron Castle‏‎ and Lumberjack Factory in Tomba!. It can be found in the Masakari Jungle.


Though the entrance to the Village is a simple wooden door/elevator, the inside is, as the name implies, one of the most developed locations in the game. Both the Clocktower and the Iron Castle are two of the tallest and most intrinsically designed buildings accessible, and the large gears inside each show just how developed the city is on the inside as well. The Lumber Mill also gives insight to the furthering the city has achieved on its own.




  • The village itself, and the Iron Castle were originally going to be towns, but were cut because of time.
Sitting Tomba

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