Vitality is the term for how much health Tomba has. A health bar is shown in the upper left corner of the screen, indicating how many hits Tomba can take before he gets defeated. The health bar is only visible when it is lacking one of more units.


Tomba takes more damage than usual

When Tomba takes damage from enemies, traps and water, the bar will go down by one unit. In some cases, he will take more than just one unit when damaged by an enemy, like the biting plants in Masakari Jungle.


Tomba is injured

To replenish vitality, Tomba must collect fruits, eat a Lunch Box or get healed by friendly NPC:s, like the Old Men of Time. Eating a sandwich will restore all health. If Tomba runs out of health units or falls down a pit in the first game, the game will end if he doesn't have extra lives, called 1-UP in-game. However; if Tomba run out of health units in the second game, the game will end because it lacks extra lives. The options Continue and Load Game will appear after the Game Over screen.

When a new game is created, Tomba will have four units of health in both games. In the first game, it can be extended by collecting items called "Vitality Max", which extends the health bar with one unit. In some events, Tomba can be awarded by getting a extended health bar. In the second game, the health bar can be extended by completing Charles's events and collecting Pots of Life.


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