For the vitality enhancer in the second game, see Pots of Life.

Vitality Max is the name of the items that raises Tomba's vitality in the first game. They can be found inside treasure chests and as rewards in some events. There is a total of 12 Vitality Max in the game.

Each Vitality Max +1 raises Tomba's vitality with one unit. In order to expand the vitality meter to 16 pieces, Tomba must obtain the Golden Bowl.

Treasure chest locations

Location Description
Forest of All Beginnings High above the entrance to Ol' Pond.
Wobbly Wharf
Stormy Mountain Inside a 1,000,000 year old treasure chest.
Haunted Mansion
Lava Caves Inside a 1,000 year old treasure chest near the entrance to Phoenix's Nest.
Masakari Jungle
Trick Village Inside a 10,000 year old treasure chest underwater.
Underground Maze

Event rewards

These events has a Vitality Max +1 as a reward for clearing them:


Sitting Tomba