Wow! That's one big fish! But it looks like it's sleeping.


Wake Up the Giant Fish! (眠った巨大魚を起こせ!, Nemutta Kyodai Sakana o Okose!, lit. Wake the Sleeping Giant Fish!) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.


Wake up the giant sleeping fish guarding with the mermaid's harp.


The event is activated once Tomba reaches the platform leading to the giant fish. The mermaid from the Crystal Panel Blocks a Hole! event appears and is willing to help Tomba, if that event is cleared by that point.

You must go and clear the The Broken-Up Mermaid Harp! event if it isn't already cleared in order to progress in this event. Once it is cleared, the mermaid can play the harp and wake up the fish to clear this event.

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