This is where we wash the Kujara who've been soiled by the Toradako Oil. What do you think? Wanna try it?

—The owner of the Washing Shed

Wash the Kujara (クジャラを洗え, Kujara o Arae) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. This event is followed by another event called A Kujara Washing Expert that has the same objective, but is harder.


Grab and throw the Kujaras into the washing machines under 90 seconds.


This event consist of three levels, where Tomba must leap on and toss every Kujara into the holes on the walls to wash them. It is recommended to try having either the Pig Suit or Flying Squirrel Suit equipped, as it allows Tomba to float mid-air when aiming for the holes.

If Tomba is leaped on by a Kujara, he will be temporarily stunned. If one of the Kujaras is struck with a weapon, it will be stunned until it hits the ground.

In the first level, the holes doesn't move and the Kujaras move very slowly. In the second and third level, the hole are moving and closes from time to time. The Kujaras are also more lively, making it harder to catch them.

The event is cleared when the third level is finished.