I hurt myself in the coal mine and now I can't even move. My son heard something of something that can heal wounds fast... he went to look for it, and hasn't returned.

—The wounded woman in Coal-Mining Town

Where's My Son? (ケガをした お母さん, Kega o Shita Okaasan, lit. Injured Mother) is an event in Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return. In order to clear this event, another event must be cleared later in the game before heading back to the place where is was activated.


Find and return the missing son to the concerned mother in Coal-Mining Town.


In Coal-Mining Town, go into the house in the middle of the town and talk to the woman with the bandaged arm. The event will activate during the conversation.

The son can be found in the beginning of Circus Village, but in order to make him return to his mother, the Getwell Plant Heals Wounds event must be cleared.

Once it is cleared, head back to the mother's house in Coal-Mining Town and talk to her in order to clear the event.


  • Map showing the location of the event.