Who am I? Never mind that! Go to the place I just told you about and we'll talk again later.

—The person standing in the dark

62 Who are you? (キミ、だあれ?, Kimi, da are?) is an event in Tomba!. This event introduces a new character that will appear later in the game and the second game.


Find out about the person who is hiding in the shadows.


In Forest of All Beginnings, walk all the way to the entrance of the Ol' Pond to the small house. You will see someones eyes inside the window. Walk up and press the Square button to talk to the person. The person says that he wants to meet Tomba after he has been visiting the Ol' Pond and the 100 Year Old Wise Man's hut.

After have been visiting these places, go to the road leading up to 100 Year Old Wise Man's hut to find the person from earlier standing there. Go and talk to him to clear the event.